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We'll keep this brief as there will be many more posts about specific past events with more detail.

The Planet of the Loops was founded back in Fall 1998.
It was presented to the public by
Kurt Swinghammer, Trevor Shaiken, Tamara Williamson and Andrew Aldridge.
The location... the now defunct Holy Joe's, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It wasn't too soon after that the Planet had officially been claimed
and the population began to grow...

Soon a monthly gathering featured various musicians from the Southern Ontario area.
The first anniversary was celebrated with a compilation CD entitled ' Doc u Ment'.

At this point Dreamstate (Scott M2 and Jamie Todd) and Kensington Market Artist Arnold Sprogis became interested in this event and partnered up Andrew Aldridge.
A weekly ambient/experimental night was born... The Ambient Ping had arrived.

One night a month was dedicated to the Planet and it's loopy travelers. 
The Ambient Ping weaved its way thru a couple different venues in Toronto's Kensington Market before settling in at the popular Club Nia / C'est What? Pub.
The Ping was now a popular regular event at C'est What?
Soon C'est What? was shutting down it's live venue, Club Nia.
The Ping starting Pinging around different venues in Toronto looking for a new home.

At this time Andrew found juggling a busy touring schedule and the Planet's monthly shows were too much and the final Planet of the Loops event took place Oct 18th 2005 at Hacienda/Tequila Lounge featuring James Bailey, Jamie Todd and Matthew Poulakakis.

The Planet was put on 'Hold' but the Ping lives on.

The Ambient Ping now resides as a Monthly event at The Supermarket - back home in the Kensington Market, Toronto.
Tuesday August 16th 2011 marked the first return of the POTL's founder, Andrew Aldridge, to the Ambient Ping for their 12th Anniversary. Andrew performed with Quasi Modal.

Now the Planet has returned...

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